Screen Layout of User's Guide

The User's Guide is divided into different screens, and the content of each screen varies.
Top Page
Appears when the User's Guide starts.


The titles of chapters are displayed.


Click to display all items, including those nested underneath other items. Click to return to the original list.


Click to switch between the table of contents and the search display.

Click to specify settings such as text size, layout, and display method for the User's Guide.

Click to display information on how to view the User's Guide, how to perform a search, and other information.


Click to display the previous or following topic.

Feature Highlights

Provides a variety of practical examples of ways to use the machine. Click /// to toggle the display by category, or click the sliding display for more information about each category. The sliding display can be stopped by moving the pointer onto it. Feature Highlights

[Quick Help]

Click to view how to solve problems.


Click to view important information you should know when using the machine.
Feature Highlights
Provides a variety of practical examples of ways to use the machine.


Click to display the detailed information. Click  to close the window.

Click to display the corresponding topic page.
Topic Page
Contains information about how to configure and use the machine.


See what chapter topic you are currently viewing.


Click  to display the hidden detailed descriptions. Click  to close the detailed descriptions.

Click to go to the corresponding page. To return to the previous page, click "Back" on your Web browser.

Click to return to the page top.
Click to display the search screen. Contains a text box to perform a search by keyword and find the page you are looking for.

[Enter keyword(s) here]

Enter a keyword or keywords and click  to display the search results. Search for pages containing all keywords by spacing keywords apart. Search for only pages with exact matches by enclosing keyword phrases in double quotation marks.

Search result

Displays the search results of the pages that contain the specified keywords. From the results, locate the page you are looking for and click the topic title of the page.
Specified keywords appear in bold in search results.