Relocating the Machine

The machine is heavy. Make sure to follow the procedures below when moving the machine to avoid injury, and also make sure to read the safety precautions before you begin. Important Safety Instructions
Turn OFF the machine and computer.
When you turn OFF the machine, data that is waiting to be printed is deleted.
Disconnect the cables and cord from the machine in numerical order as in the illustration below.
Whether the cables with "*" are connected depends on your environment.
 Power plug
 Power cord
 USB cable*
 LAN cable*
When transporting the machine across a long distance, remove the toner cartridges. How to Replace Toner Cartridges
Open the paper cover and remove any paper.
If the paper guides are extended, return them so that they fit in the paper drawer.
Close all the open covers, and move the machine to the new location.
Check how heavy the machine is and carry it without straining. Machine Specifications
Lift by the carrying grips on the front of the machine.
Carefully place the machine at the new installation site.
For installation steps after moving, see "Getting Started". Manuals Included with the Machine