Scanning from the Machine

The sequence of "scanning a document and saving it to a computer" can be done entirely from the machine. Scan while specifying what computer documents will be saved to; whether to scan documents in color or black and white; whether to save documents as PDFs or JPEGs; and other settings.
Place the document(s). Placing Documents
Press  (COPY/SCAN) to switch to the Scan mode screen.
Use / to select <Computer>, and press .
 Select the destination computer, and press .
This screen is not displayed if only a computer is connected to the machine via USB.
Select the scan type.
Scan type
File format
<Color Scan>
300 dpi
JPEG (Exif)
<B&W Scan>
Black and white*1
300 dpi
PDF (searchable*2)
<Custom 1>
300 dpi
JPEG (Exif)
<Custom 2>
300 dpi
JPEG (Exif)
*1 Documents are scanned in black and white only, with no intermediate shades of gray.
*2 A PDF format where characters on the document are scanned as text data and the text can be searched using a computer.
To change settings
The settings in the table above are all factory default settings. You can change settings from MF Scan Utility. For more information, click [Instructions] on MF Scan Utility.
If you are a Mac OS user, see the User's Guide for ScanGear MF.
Press .
Scanning starts.
To cancel, press   <Yes>  .
You cannot scan while the ScanGear MF is displayed. Close the screen before scanning.
If there are additional pages of documents to be scanned, place the next document on the platen glass, and press .
Repeat this step until you finish scanning all of the pages.
When there is only one page to be scanned, proceed to the next step.
Select <Finish Scanning>, and press .
The save destination folder is displayed on the computer.
About the save destination folder
By default, the scanned data is saved to the [My Documents] folder. A subfolder named with the scanning date is created, and the data is saved to that folder.
You can change the save destination from MF Scan Utility. For more information, click [Instructions] on MF Scan Utility.
Scan from the machine more easily
If you have regularly used preferences, such as scanning in color or black and white, or a pre-determined computer where scanned documents will be saved, specifying these settings each time you scan can be troublesome. Register these settings in a [Scan -> PC] key so that you can scan with one press of a key. Scanning Using the [Scan -> PC] Key