Copying Multiple Documents onto One Sheet (2 on 1/4 on 1)

You can copy two or four documents onto a single sheet at a reduced size. This decreases the number of pages, enabling you to save paper.
Using <2 on 1>/<4 on 1> reduces the copy ratio automatically (the copy ratio is displayed on the screen). You can increase or further reduce the copy ratio before pressing , but the edges of the document might not be copied if you increase it.
<2 on 1>/<4 on 1> is not available when using <Paper Save Copy> or <ID Card Copy>.
When you copy multiple documents onto one page, margins may be created in the copied image.
Using enables you to combine 2-sided copying and <2 on 1>/<4 on 1> Using the [Paper Save Copy] Key
 (COPY/SCAN)  <N on 1>    Select <2 on 1> or <4 on 1>    Select the document size on the <Scan Size> screen  

<2 on 1>/<4 on 1>

Select <2 on 1> to copy two pages of documents onto a single sheet, or select <4 on 1> to copy four pages of documents onto a single sheet.

<Select Layout>

Specify how to arrange the documents on the page.