Address Book Function

You can specify destinations registered in the Address Book by calling up the Address Book in the [Home] screen or the scan or fax screen on the operation panel.
When registering destinations, select the function to quickly specify the destination.
You can also efficiently specify destinations from the Address Book screen, such as by grouping destinations or displaying them by type.
Function to Quickly Specify a Destination
When registering destinations, select and register either of the following:
Register frequently used destinations to Favorites. You can register destinations regardless of their type, and display only the destinations registered to Favorites on the Address Book screen, making it easier to search for the desired destination.
You can register up to 19 destinations to Favorites.
Coded Dial
Register a 3-digit number for each destination. You can then directly enter that number to specify a destination.
You can register up to 281 destinations with Coded Dial numbers.
Registering a Group of Multiple Destinations
You can register multiple registered e-mail address or fax number destinations as a group to Favorites or Coded Dial. This saves you the trouble of specifying multiple destinations individually when sending data. You can register up to 299 groups.
You can register only the same type of destinations for one group.
Registering Groups to the Address Book (Operation Panel)
Registering Groups to the Address Book (Remote UI)
Classifying by Index
You can display the initials of the names and types of destinations (such as e-mail or fax) set at the time of registration by classifying them by index.

Address Book Screen

When you call the Address Book from the [Home] screen or scan or fax screen, the following screen is displayed.
List of Registered Destinations
The types of destinations are indicated with the following symbols, and the destination information, such as the name, e-mail address, and fax number, are displayed:
[]: E-mail
[]: I-Fax
[]: File save location (shared folder or FTP server)
[]: Fax
[] is displayed for group destinations.
[] is displayed next to the destination type symbol for destinations registered to Favorites.
This is displayed at the bottom of the screen. You can filter destinations displayed in the list by selecting their type or the initials of a name.
Tap [] or [] or flick the screen left or right to change the index display.
To display all destinations registered to the Address Book, select [All].
When specifying the destinations to be displayed by initials of the name, select [A-Z], [0-9], or [ABC] to [YZ].
Destination Operation Items
These are displayed on the right side of the screen. Press to register, edit, or delete a destination, or to specify a destination to which to send or save data.
For items other than [Register Dest.], select the checkbox of a destination, and then perform the operation.
When you call the Address Book from the [Home] screen, check the destination and press [Apply] to display the scan or fax screen with the specified destination entered.