Managing the Machine from a Computer (Remote UI)

With Remote UI, you can use a Web browser on a computer to check the function operation status of the machine, change the machine settings, and register destinations to the Address Book. You can manage the machine from a remote location and efficiently perform time-consuming settings and registration on your computer.
Remote UI has the following two modes. The functions available with Remote UI vary depending on the mode you logged in to.
System Manager Mode
You can use all functions of Remote UI.
General User Mode
You can monitor usage, view logs, cancel printing, and change some settings.

See Also

It is recommended that you set up the following functions to prevent unauthorized use of Remote UI by a third party:
System Manager ID
Set the System Manager ID, which is the exclusive administrator account, so that only users with the ID can log in to System Manager Mode.
Setting the Department ID and PIN for the Administrator
Remote UI Access PIN
If Department ID Management is not set up, configure this setting to require PIN entry when logging in to Remote UI so that only users with the PIN can use Remote UI.
Setting the PIN to Use for Remote UI