Using the Operation Panel

Use the operation panel to change the settings of the machine and use the scan, copy, and other functions.
Main Instructions
Check how to use the buttons and items displayed on the operation panel, how to enter text, and how to display the various screens.
Screens Displayed on the Operation Panel
How to Operate the Operation Panel
Entering Characters
Making the [Home] Screen Easier to Use
You can add shortcut buttons for frequently used functions and rearrange the buttons.
Customizing the [Home] Screen
Regarding the Handling of the Touch Panel Display
Do not press the touch panel display too hard. Doing so may break the touch panel display.
Do not use an object with a sharp end, such as a mechanical pencil or ballpoint pen. Doing so may scratch the surface of the touch panel display or break it.
Placing objects on the display or wiping the display may cause the touch panel to react and lead to a malfunction.