[Generate File]

Specify the settings for scan file generation.
* Values in bold red text are the default settings for each item.

[Output File Image Settings]

[Menu] [Function Settings] [Common] [Generate File]
Specify the gamma value used when a scan file is converted to YCbCr for transmission.
Setting a gamma value that matches that of the display used by the recipient ensures that image display is faithful to the original.
[YCbCr TX Gamma Value]
[Gamma 1.0]
[Gamma 1.4]
[Gamma 1.8]
[Gamma 2.2]
For information on the display’s gamma value, see the manual for the display.

[OCR (Text Searchable) Settings]

[Menu] [Function Settings] [Common] [Generate File]
Specify whether the machine automatically detects the original’s text and its direction when it generates a “searchable PDF” to allow text searching of the characters in the original.
Specifying [On] in this setting ensures that the generated PDF is displayed with the correct orientation on a computer or similar device.
[Smart Scan]