Settings Menu Items

This section describes the items available in the settings menu displayed when you press [Menu] in the [Home] screen on the operation panel.
From the settings menu, you can run functions and modify the settings according to the machine’s operating environment or its usage.
Administrator privileges are required to view or change some settings. Note also that the machine may need to be restarted for changed settings to take effect.
Support for Importing and Exporting Setting Data
The settings menu items can be used with the Import and Export functions to regularly back up your settings or share them with other machines.
Check this list to see which settings can be imported and exported.
Settings that Can Be Imported and Exported
Menu Route Map (List)
This list shows you the settings menu items and the values set.
Click the icon below to view the corresponding Menu Route Map (PDF).

See Also

If a Login Screen Appears
If a System Manager ID has been set, a login screen may appear when certain items are selected. Once you enter the required information and the login is authenticated, you can view or change the settings.
Logging In to the Machine
If the Machine Must be Restarted
After changing the settings, restart the machine.
Restarting the Machine
Settings Not Included in the Menus
The Paper Settings items appear when you press [Paper Settings] in the [Home] screen.
Specifying the Paper Size and Type
The volume adjustment items appear when you press the Sound Volume key ().
Adjusting the Sound Volume
Configuring Settings from Remote UI
The settings menu items can also be specified from a computer using Remote UI. In Remote UI, specify the settings from [Settings/Registration] in the Portal page.
The items that can be specified in [Settings/Registration] in Remote UI are almost identical to those in the operation panel settings menu, but there are also items that can be specified only from the operation panel or only from Remote UI. Note also that some of the item names differ in Remote UI.
Managing the Machine from a Computer (Remote UI)
Checking the Settings
You can check a list of the current settings by printing them out.
Printing and Viewing Reports and Lists