Specifying Destinations (TX Job Log)

You can specify destinations used in the past by calling up the TX Job Log from the scan or fax screen of the operation panel. You can also apply the scan settings used to send data together with the destinations.
When you call up the TX Job Log, the specified destinations and scan settings are overwritten.
You cannot use the TX Job Log when sending from the log is restricted. Prohibiting the Use of Destinations in the Send Log
On the [Specify Destination] tab of the scan or fax screen, press [Recall Settings].
Select the log you want to call up.
The destinations and scan settings of the selected log are applied.
When there are multiple destinations in the log, only the first destination is displayed, but all of the destinations are applied.
Change the destinations and scan settings, as needed.
You can change and send the called up destinations and scan settings.
The TX Job Log is cleared in the following cases:
When the power is turned OFF
When entry of new destinations is restricted Sending Only to Registered Destinations