Loading Paper

To ensure print quality, confirm the usable paper and how to handle and store paper, and prepare the appropriate paper for use with the machine. Usable Paper/Precautions When Handling Paper
Load the prepared paper in the machine, and then configure the paper size and type settings.
Loading Paper in the Machine
Load paper you usually use into the paper drawer, which can hold large amounts of paper.
To temporarily use paper not loaded in the paper drawer, load it in the multi-purpose tray.
Loading Paper in the Paper Drawer
Loading Paper in the Multi-purpose Tray
When using envelopes or paper with logos, be careful of the orientation of the loaded paper and which side is face up.
Preparations and Orientation for Loading Envelopes
Orientation for Loading Paper with a Logo
Paper Settings
To ensure quality printing and prevent paper jams, the paper size and type must be set correctly according to the loaded paper.
Specifying the Paper Size and Type