Faxing is the sending and receiving of documents and photos as black and white images over a telephone line.
Sending Faxes
The following two methods are available:
Sending a Fax from the Machine
You can scan a document, photo, or other printed materials (originals) with the machine, converting it to a black and white image, and then send it.
Sending Faxes
Sent faxes can also be forwarded or saved automatically to a specific destination.
Backing Up Sent Faxes
Sending a Fax from a Computer
You can convert a document or photo to a black and white image and send it via a fax driver installed on a computer connected to the machine.
You can send a fax in the same way as printing a document or photo from a computer. To send a fax, you do not need to prepare printed materials.
Preparing to Send Faxes from a Computer
Sending Faxes from a Computer (PC Faxing)
* In macOS, you can use the AirPrint function that is standard in the OS to send data from a computer without having to install a fax driver. Using AirPrint Application to Print and Scan Data and Send Faxes
Receiving Faxes
When the machine is set to receive faxes automatically, faxes are received without the incoming ringing. If the machine rings, you can pick up the handset to determine whether it is a call or a fax. If it is a fax, you can receive it.
Receiving Faxes
Received faxes can also be forwarded or saved automatically to a specific destination.
Auto Forwarding and Backing Up Received Faxes

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Restricting Printing of Received Faxes
You can temporarily save received faxes in the memory of the machine without printing them.
Saving Received Documents in the Machine (Memory Lock)