To ensure safe and convenient use of the machine, daily maintenance that includes cleaning and replacement of consumables is required.
If you notice a deterioration in the print quality or frequent paper jams, perform cleaning and adjustment to improve it.
Performing Maintenance Operations
In addition to performing regular maintenance, operations are required according to the machine status and print quality.
Regularly clean the various parts of the machine. If the original or paper becomes dirty, or the print quality has deteriorated, clean the parts causing the problem according to the symptoms.
Cleaning the Machine
Replacing Consumables
If a message about consumables appears on the screen of the control panel or Remote UI, or the print quality deteriorates, replace the consumables.
Replacing Consumables
Changing the Installation Location
When moving the machine, perform the prescribed procedure to prevent accident or damage.
Moving the Machine
Maintenance and Inspections
The minimum holding period for performance parts for repairs, toner cartridges, and drum cartridges is seven (7) years after production of the machine model is discontinued.
If a problem occurs during operation, see the following:
 If the problem still cannot be resolved or you think the machine needs to be checked, contact your dealer or service representative. If the Problem Persists
If you find the machine's operation to be noisy in some operating modes or due to your surroundings, we recommend setting up the machine in a separate location from your office.
Water droplets (condensation) may form inside the machine if the room where the machine is installed is heated rapidly, or if the machine is moved from a cool, dry location to a warm, humid location. Using the machine under these conditions may result in problems such as paper jams, poor print quality, or faults. Let the machine adjust to the ambient temperature and humidity for at least two hours before use.
Machines with storage devices such as hard disks may not operate properly when used at high altitudes (3,280 yards (3,000 meters) above sea level or higher).

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