Specify the settings for copying.
* Values in bold red text are the default settings for each item.

[Change Default Settings]

[Menu] [Function Settings] [Copy]
Change the default settings for copying. Changing the Default Settings
The values specified here are also restored when you press on the control panel while the copy screen is displayed.
[Number of Copies]
1 to 999
9 levels
[Adjust (Manual)]
9 levels
[Original Type]
[Text/Photo (High Speed)]
[Text/Photo (Quality)]
[Original/Finishing Type]
[Copy Ratio]
[Custom Ratio]
[100% (Direct)]
[400% (Max)]
[129% STMT->LTR]
[78% LGL->LTR]
[64% LTR->STMT]
[25% (Min)]
[N on 1]
[2 on 1]
[4 on 1]
[ID Card Copy]
[Select Layout]
[Erase Frame]
7 levels
*1 May not be displayed depending on the model, the installed options, and other settings.

[Initialize Default Settings]

[Menu]  [Function Settings]  [Copy]
Use this to restore the copy settings to the factory settings.