Carry out maintenance to clean the machine and control condensation.
* Values in bold red text are the default settings for each item.

[Clean Fixing Assembly]

[Menu] [Adjustment/Maintenance] [Maintenance]
Perform this operation to clean the fixing assembly if black streaks appear on printed paper following procedures such as toner cartridge replacement. Cleaning the Fixing Assembly

[Control Condensation]

[Menu] [Adjustment/Maintenance] [Maintenance]
In environments subject to sudden temperature changes, condensation may form and cause images and/or text to be faint or blurred. If so, specifying [On] may improve the print results.
While removing condensation, a blank sheet of paper may be output because printing is not performed properly. Setting this to [On] saves every received fax to the memory. Or, you can set whether to restrict printing.
* If you set this to [On], you must keep the machine ON to continuously remove the condensation. The Auto Shutdown Time setting is disabled.
Touch Panel Model
[Use Fax Memory Lock]
[Use Fax Mem. Lock+Do Not Allow Job Print]
5 Lines LCD Model
[Allow Job Printing During Process]
[Do Not Allow Job Printing During Process]