Specifying Paper Size and Type in the Paper Deck

Load the paper in the paper deck. Basic Paper Loading Method
Press  (Settings/Registration).
Press <Preferences>  <Paper Settings>  <Paper Settings>.
Select the button for the paper deck in which paper is loaded and press <Set>.
The paper sources are represented by the following icons, respectively. Note that the paper source indications differ depending on the options installed.
: Paper deck
: POD Deck-E (upper deck)
: POD Deck-E (middle deck)
: POD Deck-E (lower deck)
Select the same paper type as the one you loaded press <Next>.

If the paper type of the paper that you have loaded is not listed on the detailed setting screen, you can register it in the paper type list. Paper Type Management Settings
While you are registering the custom paper type for a paper source, the paper type settings are protected and you cannot change the detailed information for custom paper type or delete the custom paper type in <Paper Type Management Settings> in <Preferences> (Settings/Registration).
You can also select the paper type from the simple setting screen by pressing <Simple Settings>.
Select the paper size and press <OK>.
When loading custom size paper
When loading envelopes
Press <OK>.
Change the paper size label of the paper deck as necessary.