Printing Files with Multiple Pages on One Page (N On 1)

This mode enables you to automatically reduce multiple pages to fit on a single page when printing a PDF file. You can reduce 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, or 16 pages to fit on one page.
This mode is only available for printing files stored in the memory media.
You can use this mode only when printing PDF files.

Press (Main Menu) → [Access Stored Files] → [Memory Media].
Select the desired Memory Media → select the directory where the file you want to print is stored.
Select the desired file → press [Print].
Press [Options] → [N on 1].
To change the paper source, see "Paper Selection."
Select the type of N on 1.
To select the order of the layout, press [Set Details]. Select the order of the layout → press [OK].
If you do not change the settings by pressing [Set Details], the order of the layout is as follows:
2 on 1:
Left → Right
All other options except 2 on 1:
Upper Left → Upper Right → Lower Left → Lower Right
You can press [2-Sided Printing] to specify settings for 2-sided printing.
To change the paper size, press [Change] for <Paper Size> → select the paper size → press [OK].
The machine automatically selects the zoom ratio depending on the selected paper size.
Press [OK] → [Close].