Paper Drawers

This section describes how to clear a paper jam which occurs in the paper drawers of the machine. The location of the paper drawers of the machine is indicated in the following illustration.
The following illustration indicates the location of the paper jam. Please refer to it to remove the jammed paper.
*1 C-Paper Drawer 1
*2 C-Paper Drawer 2
*3 C-Paper Drawer 3
Follow the procedure described below, while referring to the location of the paper jam and the directions that appear on the touch panel display, to remove the jammed paper.

Remove any paper jammed in the paper drawer.
1. Grip the handle, and pull out the paper drawer until it stops.
2. Remove any jammed paper.
Gently push the paper drawer back into the machine until it clicks into place in the closed position.
When returning the paper drawer to its original position, be careful not to get your fingers caught, as this may result in personal injury.
Follow the instructions on the screen.
The screen indicating the directions on how to clear the paper jam is displayed repeatedly until the paper jam is cleared.