Speed/Precision Priority for Double Staple

You can set whether to give priority to the double stapling speed or to precision.
This mode can be set when the Staple Finisher-W PRO or Booklet Finisher-W PRO is attached. (See "Staple Finisher-W PRO/Booklet Finisher-W PRO/Puncher Unit-BS/Puncher Unit-BT.")
Press (Settings/Registration).
Press [Adjustment/Maintenance] → [Adjust Action] → [Speed/Precision Priority for Double Staple].
Select [Speed Priority] or [Precision Priority] → press [OK].
[Speed Priority]:
Priority is given to the double stapling speed. The precision for the double stapling is decreased.
[Precision Priority]:
Priority is given to the double stapling precision. The production speed is decreased.
The [Speed/Precision Priority for Double Staple] function is enabled only when using the following paper:
Paper size: The width for the feeding direction is from 7 1/8" to 8 1/2" (182 mm to 215.9 mm)
Paper type: Thin 1, Plain 1 to 2, Heavy 1, Color 1 to 2, Recycled 1 to 3, Pre-Punched 1 to 2
Paper weight: 17 lb bond to 32 lb bond (64 g/m2 to 128 g/m2)
If you select [Speed Priority], stapled output paper may not be aligned due to the temperature, humidity, or characteristics of the paper type.