Using a PIN Code

The PIN (Personal Identification Number) code prevents unauthorized personnel from making calls.
To protect privileged access to the telephone lines, only authorized users are entrusted with the PIN codes for daily operations. Some PBX (Private Branch eXchange) systems require that a PIN code be entered when dialing a number to make a call or send a document by fax. Depending on the requirements of the PBX system, the PIN code may be entered either before the number as a prefix, or after the number as a suffix.
If PIN Code Access is set to 'On', the machine automatically displays a screen prompting you to enter the PIN Code when you press (Start).
The position to enter PIN codes depends on the type of PBX system you are using.

Dialing with a PIN Code

This section describes the procedure for dialing fax numbers with a PIN code.
Press (Main Menu) → [Fax].
Enter the fax number (Press [PIN Code] in the position you want to insert the PIN Code) → press [OK].
<C> is displayed on the screen after you press [PIN Code].
If [Prefix] or [Suffix] is set for [PIN Code Position] in [PIN Code Access], it is not necessary to press [PIN Code]. (See "PIN Code Access.")
[PIN Code] can be pressed either before the fax number, after the fax number, or while specifying the fax number.
Press (Start) → enter the PIN code using - (numeric keys).
Press [OK].