Specifying a File Server Using the Browse Key (Windows (SMB))

You can either specify a file server from a workgroup, or specify the domain name of an Active Directory Server on the machine.
Press (Main Menu) → [Scan and Send] → [New Destination].
Press [File].
Press the drop-down list → select [Windows (SMB)].
Press [Browse].
After turning the main power ON, you must wait for the time set in [Waiting Time for Connection at Startup] to elapse before pressing [Browse]. Network transmission is not possible until this startup time has elapsed. (See "Setting the Waiting Time for Connection at Startup.")
Select the desired workgroup.
You can also select the workgroup from a list of Active Directory server domain names registered in the machine, by pressing [Directory] from the drop-down list.
If you want to register a Directory server domain name, press [Register] → enter the domain name of the server.
You can register up to five Directory servers.
To edit a domain name, select the domain name that you want to edit → press [Edit].
To delete a domain name, select the domain name that you want to delete → press [Delete].
Select the desired file server → select the folder → press [OK].
To move up one level, press [Up].
If the Enter Network Password screen appears, enter you user name and password → press [OK].
To add another destination, press [Next Destination] → repeat steps 3 to 6.
You cannot search for a destination via an LDAP server if the time settings of the server and this machine are more than five minutes apart.
Press [OK].