The Touch Panel Display

The Main Menu screen appears when you press (Main Menu) on the control panel. You can use each function by selecting it from the Main Menu screen.
If functions that are frequently used are set in the Quick Menu beforehand, you can recall them by pressing (Quick Menu). Also, if you are using a login service, the Quick Menu set for each individual user can be displayed.
If you want to display all functions, press [Show All].
Press on the top right of the screen to change the keys displayed on the Main Menu screen or each function screen. You can change the display of the screen such as the background image on the Main Menu screen or display shortcuts for frequently used function on each function screen to suit your needs.
You can also adjust the brightness of the touch panel display, and enter characters from the keyboard screen.

Press the touch panel display buttons gently with your fingers or the edit pen. Do not use an object with a sharp end, such as a mechanical pencil or ballpoint pen. Doing so may scratch the surface of the touch panel display or break it.
Before using the touch panel display, peel off the protective film from the display.
After the machine's power is turned ON, you can change the default screen displayed at startup. For information on the available screens that can be set to display after the machine starts up, see "Default Screen after Startup/Restoration."
For information on the Quick Menu screen settings, see "Using the Quick Menu from the Machine."