Improving Productivity for a Print Job Contains Both One-Sided Printing and Two-Sided Printing

It may take a time to print the original which contains both the one-sided pages and two-sided pages in page order. If [On] is set, this setting allows the printing order to be changed so that printing time can be reduced.
This setting is effective if the original is composed of, for example, multiple one-sided pages, eight or less two-sided pages, multiple one-sided pages, and eight or less two-sided pages as shown in the illustration below. In other than this case, select [Off] otherwise it may take a time to print the original.
*1 one-sided page
*2 two-sided page

Press (Settings/Registration).
Press [Function Settings] → [Common] → [Print Settings].
Press [Mixed 1-Sided/2-Sided Print Order Control].
Select [On] or [Off] depending on how the original is composed of one-sided pages and two-sided pages → press [OK].