You can specify a reply-to destination when sending an e-mail or I-fax.
You need to store reply-to addresses in the Local Address Book or a one-touch button beforehand. (See "Storing New Addresses.")

Press (Main Menu) → [Scan and Send].
Specify the destination → press [Options] → [Reply-to].
Select the desired address → press [OK] → [Close].
You cannot select multiple destinations.
When you send an e-mail, the selected destination is set as the reply-to e-mail address when the recipient replies.
When you send an I-fax, a Full mode delivery confirmation message is sent to the selected reply-to address.
For instructions on searching for registered destinations, see "Address Book Screen."

If you set a login service for the machine and set [Specify Authentication User Dest. to Reply] to 'On', the e-mail address of the login user appears as the reply-to address. (See "Setting an Authorized User E-Mail Address as the Reply-to Destination.")