Use Cover Inserter

[Off]*, [Inserter 1], [Inserter 2] (If the Document Insertion Unit-N is attached)

This setting enables you to specify whether to add a cover at the front of the printed output.


No cover is inserted at the front of the printed output.

[On], [Inserter 1], or [Inserter 2]

A cover is inserted automatically at the front of the printed output. If used in combination with Staple settings, it is a handy function for arranging documents.
The paper to be used as the cover should be placed in the inserter.
Output Paper
 [On], [Inserter 1], or [Inserter 2]
The gray sheets: Paper placed in the inserter
Nothing will be printed on the paper used for the cover.
You cannot use this function in combination with 'Transparency Interleaving'.
This function cannot be used if the 'Finishing' is set to [Off], [Collate], [Offset+Group], or [Staple+Group].
This function is available for selection if the Document Insertion Unit-N is attached.
This function can be used in combination with "Finishing," "Punch," or "Fold."
For information on the paper types and paper sizes that can be used with the Document Insertion Unit-N, see "Available Paper Stock."