Speed/Precision Priority for the Puncher of the Finisher

You can set whether to give priority to the Puncher speed or to precision.
This mode can be set when the Staple Finisher-AC or Booklet Finisher-AC is attached. (See "Staple Finisher-AC/Booklet Finisher-AC/2/3 Hole Puncher Unit-A/2/4 Hole Puncher Unit-A.")
Press (Settings/Registration).
Press [Adjustment/Maintenance] → [Adjust Action] → [Switch Finisher Puncher Mode].
Select [Speed Priority] or [Precision Priority] → press [OK].
[Speed Priority]:
Priority is given to the Puncher speed. The precision for the punching is decreased.
[Precision Priority]:
Priority is given to the punching precision. The production speed is decreased.