RGB Source Profile

[Text]: [sRGB]*, [Gamma 1.5], [Gamma 1.8], [Gamma 2.4], [Download Profile]
[Graphics]: [sRGB]*, [Gamma 1.5], [Gamma 1.8], [Gamma 2.4], [Download Profile]
[Image]: [sRGB]*, [Gamma 1.5], [Gamma 1.8], [Gamma 2.4], [Download Profile]

This setting allows you to specify the RGB profile (color data represented using the RGB (Red Green Blue) color model) that is appropriate for the characteristics of your monitor. This setting is applied when printing a document containing color images or graphics made by the RGB color model.
Settings can be applied separately for text, graphics, and image data.


This setting specifies the industry standard definition for generic Windows compouter monitors. If you are using an sRGB compatible monitor, you can print out colors close to how they appear on your monitor.

[Gamma 1.5], [Gamma 1.8], and [Gamma 2.4]

These settings enable you to select the gamma correct level of the RGB data. The higher the value, the darker the printout.

[Download Profile]

You can store up to 100 profiles.

This setting is only applied if 'CMS(Matching)/Gamma' is set to [CMS].